YAY, I got my OTT Light!!

    Morning you guys!! I wanted to start off by reminding you guys that the GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED!! I am sorry, but any entries from today at 6:00 am or later will not count. Thank you all that entered, and as soon as the first winner has been chosen, I will contact them, and let you guys know too.

    Okay, I've been waiting oh so impatiently for this light, lol. I was soooo excited when it arrived Saturday afternoon. I immediately wanted to play, of course, so I rigged this little, completely un classy set-up, for the time being.

    Here it is in the box

    I thought I should include a pic of Jack making my light box :) He worked so hard. If you are interested in making one, here is the How To that he followed.

    Now here it is just quickly set up. I did cut a hole in the top tissue paper panel, because my pictures kept looking matte, and not shiny :)

    Classy side view, lol

    Now the first pics. So far I'm liking it. I wanted to try out a new polish I got called China Glaze Cosmic. It's  a black jelly base, with tons of silver glitter, and some scattered holo glitter. This is a top coat eater, meaning, even after you do a coat of SV or 2, it will still feel lumpy, so I suggest that you first do a coat of a regular top coat, or Gelous, and then do SV, that helps tons :)

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