Color Club 2011 Wicked Sweet

    Wow, I had such a great weekend! My night with the girls was so much fun, my husbands cousin and his fiance came up to stay the night with us and their new baby boy, sooo cute, my daughter now has an imaginary pet ghost dog, haha, Max, and my husband built me a light box to take pictures with. So here are my first pictures using it. I know I still need to play around with it, and my camera settings, but I love it. So these look semi matte, but they are not, for some reason my light box makes them appear that way. I have an OTT lamp on the way to me :)

    Okay anyways, here is the 2nd set that Kim from Color Club sent me, called Wicked Sweet. It's 7 scented neon polishes, and OMG do they smell, and sooooo good!!  Since these are on the sheerer side, like most neons, I always do a coat of white first, then the polish.

    This is Get Your Lem-On

    The Lime Starts Here

    I Always Get My Man-Darin

    Yum Gum

    and my favorite, and current pedi, Raspberry Rush

    Gimme A Grape Big Kiss

    and yep, my camera really hates my skin when I wear blue, lol.
    Wicked Sweet

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