My American Konadi

    Fellow Konaddicts.....
    So after the first few fails, here are the 4th of July Konadi nails I sported.  If you read the previous 3'll see what the delay in posting was.

    I wanted to create both a konadicure that was simple on the one hand, and something remenicent of a waving flag on the other.... So I did each hand different!
    Not sure if you can tell, bit with the bottom pic, I just basically used the same thumb from my marble flub and redid the other fingers.  then I remembered I wanted to do a plain mani that most people could do: red nails with a few blue and white stars.

    Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July, we sure did...went to the Angels ball game, and saw fire works afterward.

An adMARBLE attempt

    I'm am calling this my "admarble" attempt...haha get it?  Yes, I attempted a water marble for my fourth of July konadicure.  i wanted to create a waving flag.  Well, big FAIL.  Never water marbled before, there MUST be a trick to it that I didn't hear because these are a disaster.

    My white was too thick, so I used a clear coat when alternating inbetween the red and "white."
      I started with a white base coat.  And my ignorance..or was it cockyness caused me to forgo the step where you tape up your nails...big mistake.

    Below are pics of the first run, I removed it, taped the second time, and still ended up with a sad konadi ;(

    soooo, needless to say, THOSE were NOT my 4th of July mani!

Post vacation a Nails...not pretty!

    This Is a frightening post my fellow konaddicts...
    THIS is what my nails looked like AFTER vacation.  Keep in mind, I had broken off both thumbs ( of my world cup mani) before leaving, never fixed them before leaving...didn't do a fill either. It was bananas here with the pre-packing saga.
    how do you like that painful break in the ring finger? YIIIIKES!

    the pther hand is equally jacked! (I'm a picker- so I added to the trouble with my pinky)

    I decided to rip them off and start all over- no extensions.  I put fresh gel over them and formed out a couple of the nail tips.  But generally speking, I wanted to keep them short because we will be doing alot of moving stuff aroung during the construction that is about to happen in the house.

    I use Young Nail gel products.  I do not use the soak off formulas anymore.  I do them myself.  On occasion, when I am out of time or motivationi'll cheat and have them done.  That's what happened before the trip.  I had acrylic put on....eeeewwww.  It yellowed and the tips lifted. Just a mess.  That is why I ripped them off and started fresh.  I think the gel has a cleaner look.  I used to do acrylic, and forgot how they wear.  There really is a difference (on my nails) with how they feel and wear.

    So there you are, I have a new pallet for painting (even though they are short!)

thank god for the internet...finally!

    Hello fello Konaddicts!
    well, i hope you all had a wonderful July 4th.  I am back from chicago, and let me show you what's been keeping me.

    Well, as I mentioned last post, I had a water pipe burst inbetween the walls The DAY BEFORE LEAVING.  This is the damage it caused

    and mean while I moved my computer into the kitchen...but i moved it today, because the company that came to tear out all the damaged flooring and walls had to unplug the router for my internet while moving the office ( oh did I mention the office, laundryroom and garage were affected?)
    so I intended to blog a few days ago, but no cable internet ...that is until this heroic van pulled up!

    so- hooray for the cable guy!

    Now, real quick, I wanted to show you a few pics from Chicago.  ( I typically like to keep my posts strictly Konadicure related...but will make vacation exceptions)

    My sister (who lives in nebraska) and her family met us in Chicago.  It was great because all the cousins got to hang out.  Most of the pictures are of the kids.
    me and my big sissy )and her amazing eyes!)

    The kids at the Hersheys store.  Keith let them do the machine that dumps chocolate by the bucketfull! No kidding.
    the Jelly Bean in millenium park ( that's my Alex)
    again, my Keith with the sweets, the kids got freshly spun cotton candy

    Above Navy Pier Alex is in Purple, the rest of those beauties are my sisters.

    a refreshing dip on the walk back to the hotel

    and Keith & I took pics at the Museum of Science and Industry with the kids
    My Charlie is in pink, and lex is in the aqua leggings.
    how cute are they on the bus!  COUSINS!

    Thanks for reading.

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