*UPDATED* 3 new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's

    *UPDATE* Okay, I have added the third one, Pink Blink below
    Morning guys!! I wanted to show you guys 2 of the new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's. I do have a third, Pink Blink, but I haven't had a chance to swatch it yet, and the hubby wants to watch Iron Man 2 tonight, so maybe I can swatch it for you guys during  my lunch break tomorrow and post it in the afternoon. Okay, well as most of you know, I LOVE the Insta-Dri's, I mean not only are they opaque in 1 coat, but they are great for stamping! So whenever I see a new collection of these, I snatch them up fast :) Also, I love their wide brushes, they just fit my nail so perfect! When I saw these 2, I knew I had to have them. The pink one I picked up later, I just couldn't resist an opaque baby pink :P
    Anyways, enough jabbering, here they are:

    Jade Jump


    Pink Blink

    Aren't they so pretty??? I can't wait to try stamping with them :)
    Alright, off to watch Iron Man 2, whoo hoo (that was sarcasm, since I know it was hard to tell, lol) I mean I love me some action movies, but I wanted to watch Paranormal Activity 2, hmph *walks away pouty* lol.

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