Striped Mani

    Morning!!! As this gets posted, my butt is on it's way to a breakfast smorgasborg restaurant, Shady Maple, with my husband, his parents and sister, and some of our neighbors, and OMG, I cannot wait! Their food is so amazing, they have such a great shop under the place, and I get  to stuff my face for 1 low price! Nope, nothing beats that! After breakfy, we are all heading to this LARGE outdoor flea market! It's like my dream day, lol. Okay, now onto my mani.... I decided to whip out my tape, and have some fun, since my outfit for the day was kind of blah, and thought a fun mani would spruce it up.
    I started with Wet n' Wild Black

    Then taped off my nails like this, one at a time

    I then applied China Glaze Recycle, only doing one nail at a time

    Again, when I finished them all, and added a coat of SV, I taped them off  2nd time

    and used China Glaze DV8 for the tips :)

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