Winter Snowflake Konad mani....OPI DS Mystery & Claire's 14 Karats

    I finally decided to grab OPIs DS Mystery while I was at Ulta. I have always wanted it, but just walked on by. Not this time though damn it! I am so glad I grabbed it, it's beautiful!!! I know there are tons of snowflaked manis everywhere now, but I just had to do one. I used Claire's 14 Karats for the design.

    Here is the DS Mystery all by herself :P

Revlon Crystal Ball.....

    Okay, here is the pink one I was referring to in my previous post. Oh how I love these! I wish I could find out what other colors came out with this collection, or even when they were released.  Anyways, this is 3 coats, and while coughing and taking pictures, I managed to cause a ding in my pointer finger *high fives self* lol. Normally that would drive me crazy, but with all my coughing, I was happy to do this mani with no other major issues.

Revlon Magical......

    Now, I got this and Crystal Ball, a pink one from the same collection, off of ebay. I had never heard of them, but when I came across the bottle pics, I was in love. This is Magical, literally, lol, and I love it. I know there are slight brush strokes, but I don't care!! Plus the purple is way more visible IRL. I did layer this over a black, but only because I expected it to be way more sheer than it was. I'm pretty sure I could have done without the base. I will try and post the pink one, this afternoon, or tomorrow morning.

I'm back!!!!! Well....for the most part...

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know, that I am back! I know it's been a few days, since my last post, which is waaaaaayyy to long in my opinion, lol. I have had bronchitis for the past week, and was just not up to posting. I like to have post scheduled, in cases like this, but the sickness just took over, and I had no desire to even sit my butt up off the couch to get onto my computer. I'm still feeling a little ick, but can tell I'm coming around. I did manage to do a few manis while I was down, and will try to get them up on here soon. Hope everyone is great! Thanks to all my followers, and I will def try and never let this type of non-posting happen again, lol.
    XOXO - Me :P

Nabi Glitters...............PSA:Plug your nose, while using

    I got a set of these Nabi glitters on eBay, a LOOOOOONG time ago. Well I finally decided to try them out. It wasn't to bad to apply, but OMG they smell soooo bad! Oh and these are of course all over black :)
    Here is the set I have, with no flash

    Here they are with a flash

    This one is called Blue Big Ball, lolololol 


    Green Big Ball

    Purple Big Glitter

    Gold Big Ball

    L.A. (really, couldn't just stick with your color naming theme?)

Purple Gradient/Stripe mani.....

    I love my scotch tape, lol. I decided to do my take on a gradient mani. Since I'm not good at blending with the sponge, lol, this is my way.  I started with Sally Hansen's Mystic Lilac, sooo pretty!

    Then I added China Glaze's Grape Pop

    Then China Glaze's VIII

    Last of all, I added Sinful's Black on Black.

Another Franken that I heart so much!

    I love me some dark colors & hidden shimmers, so I again, tried to create a new polish for me. I'm also trying way hard to save money, so I'm getting desperate, lol.
    If only I could remember what I used!!! I am sooo sorry. I meant to take pictures along the way, but things just kept getting added, and it was utter chaos! I made this about a month ago, so my mind, as hard as it tried to remember, failed me :(

Blue Konad Funky French....

    I'm not real sure what this design is called, lol, if anyone knows, pleeeeease tell me :)
    I started with my normal #415 from 10, for the pinkish base and a coat of SV. I then did the Konad design using Sally Hansens Blue Blast and another coat of SV., When that was dry, I taped my nails off, leaving my tips uncovered, and painted them with the same blue, that I used for the Konad, and a final coat of SV.

Cocktails Anyone?......2 Konads & Funky French

    I went to Ulta a few days ago to cash in on my rewards, level 9 baby!!! Well I walked out with 12 polishes for a grand total of $3.12!!!!! Anyways, this was one of them, Ulta's Cocktails Anyone. This is a beautiful dark purple. The application was great, and this is 2 coats! I wanted to try Konading over it, and of course next thing I know, I've done 2 Konads, and made my last one a Funky French :) There are tons of pics, sorry, lol, I just couldn't pick my faves.

    Here it is all by herself

    Here I used China Glaze's Chords for the Konad design, actually it's a design from a Bundle Monster plate. BM20

    I then tried it with China Glaze's Harmony and Bundle Monster plate BM19.

    Then I added my black tips, YAY!

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