Blinded By The Light....Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night...

    I LOVE that song, one of my favorite movies is Blow, and if you have not seen it, please do! Well, this mani, really did almost blind me, in my car :) While on my lunch break, I did a mani of OPI DS Original over black, and then a quick Konad of the leopard spots, since I wasn't to thrilled with how my first leopard mani turned out.

    This is what I started with. Seriously guys, if you can get OPI DS Original, please do!! It might not look sooo fabulous inside, but in the sun.....oh just wait and see. I actually just grabbed another back up off of eBay, for under $12. Not bad IMO, and totally worth it :)

    Then I did the leopard Konad. Now, these next 2 shots are from inside my car! Okay, I wasn't driving, I was stopped in traffic. I have an hour and a half commute each way, with TONS of traffic, so I took advantage. I knew by the time I got home, there wouldn't be any sun, and you guys had to see this!

    When I got home, I wanted to try out my OTT light, and see how it looked. Look, crazy holo still!!

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