Another night, I just couldn't decide......

    Today was a VERY long day. I didn't get much time at home tonight to do a mani, and the little time I had, I just couldn't decided what to do. I actually had another mani started and just quit in the middle, because I wasn't feeling it, lol. My brother, sister in-law and my niece and nephew are in town and I'm just soooo happy I get to spend time with them. It's fairly rare, since we don't live near one another. So my lack of time, and creativity is 100% worth it!!  Anyways, sorry for the babbling, here is what I settled on. I used OPI La Paz-itively Matte, Claires 14 Karats and Sinfuls Black on Black.

    OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte, all alone

    Then with Claire's 14 Karats for the Konad

    I decided to add a coat of SV, so bye bye matte!

    And, of course, black tips.


    So I really hope you guys don't mind all my pictures, I just can never pick 1 or 2, and like to show you guys how my mani evolves, and not just the finished product. Please, though, let me know if I include too many pics, I mean after all, this blog is for you!! Thanks, XOXO

My very 1st Illamasqua!!!!!!

    I am VERY excited to say, I finally own a Illamasqua, lol, and a color I've wanted for a while, Baptiste. As soon as I got home from work, I slapped it on for my mani, and was instantly loving it. 
    Let's be honest here, I really can't remember a time, that I actually wore a mani, with no type of nail art done to it, so of course I Konaded over it :P I used China Glaze Harmony for the design.

    Here is Baptiste alone, 2 coats and a coat of SV

    and all done :P *wonders if black tips would look good*

Konad using the most AMAZING jelly blue!

    Once in a while I will place an order with, for some NYX polishes. Well, every time I'm on their site, I would see Ink Heart, what appeared to be a semi bright blue jelly, and every time I would pass on it. When I made my last order, I decided to just grab it. I mean for the price, it couldn't hurt. Last week my order arrived, and when I saw Ink Heart in person, I was in awe! I couldn't wait  to try it, and it ended up being the first one I used. All I can say is WOW! This was only 2 coats and the application was perfect! I love the fact that it isn't too bright nor to dark, that it appears black. Then I decided to try China Glaze 2NITE for a Konad design on it.

    Here is the final mani :P

    Here it is all alone, with just 2 coats and a coat of SV

    Then the final design

How about a Polka Dot Funky French......

    So once again I was just playing around. I didn't end up wearing this, but enjoyed it for the 5 minutes it was on, lol. OPI No Room For The Blues, is a blue that I love. The application is just perfect! For this I did 2 coats of the OPI, then added black tips (shocker), and used a Sally Hansen nail art pen in white to do the polka dots on the tips.

    Here is 2 coats of the OPI No Room for the Blues

    Then with just the plain black tips :)

    Now for the final mani

Another Shredded Mani...

    I had tried another Shredded mani using one of Funky Fingers 2010 Holiday glitters, Blitzen. It's sooo sparkly! I just used my regular black as well. It was waaaaaayyyy easier to see the actual shredded part in real life.

This just might be my new FAVE polish!!!!

    I picked this up at Walgreens. It was actually located in the hair care section, WAAAYYYY up on the top shelf, so high up, I had to get help getting it down, lol. I love being short *sigh*. Anyways, it was in a pretty display with a mint green, light purple, bright raspberry and a turq. This was the only one that caught my eye though. It's called Grey Area.

    Here it is after I used China Glazes Chords for the Konad design.

    here she is before I did the Konad. I am just in love with this color!!

    and more pics with the Konad

A Blog with Substance Award!!!

Who doesn't love 14 Karat gold flowers!

    Okay, so they aren't real flowers, or real gold, but close enough. I have def been in a Konad/Bundle Monster plate mood lately. This past weekend, I did this mani. I used Sinfuls Black on Black and Claires 14 Karats for the design.

    Then with black tips! I think the black tips just complete a mani, my opinion, obviously : P

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