An Unlikely Pair...

    A lovely reader,  pamalama_dingdong , hee hee, love that name,  asked me to swatch my recently acquired long time lemming of mine, Maybelline Banana Puddin'. I couldn't believe I found it on eBay, shocker, for such a great price. I just LOVE this yellow. It is a tad tricky to work with, so you need a light hand and 3 quick coats for full coverage, but it's totally worth it, just look!

    Then, well, just because it was in my purse, I felt the need to add blue for a Checkered Mani :) I used OPI DS Magic. I wish you could see the purple sparkle in Magic better :( Yeah, not the most common pair, but still fun, and I love trying different combos :) I have a tutorial on how to do this up in my 'Tutorial' tab, if you're interested.

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