I'm a Nubar fan now!!

    Ever since I got my first Nubar, Verde, I've been hooked on their colors and formula and I even love their bottles. I've ordered about 8 since then, eeekk. I wanted to share the ones I got in the mail tonight. Again, I bought these from eBay.
    This one that is soooo incredibly pretty, trust me, in person this is way more pretty!! It's my fave from the 3 tonight.
    This is 3 coats of Purple Rain Glitter.

    Check out how pretty it is in the bottle!!

    This is Reclaim, a REAL HOLO *cough couch* China Glaze! Although since I get home so late, there was no sun, so I tried my best, but it's a true green holo!!
    and another holo, Treasure, but this is considered a scattered holo, where as Reclaim is a linear holo. Again, the sun would have been great for this, but I couldn't wait to swatch them. Maybe I'll re-do these and later on do a holo spam post sometime.
    These last 2 are slightly blurred so you could see the rainbow in there.

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