Good From Far, But Far From Good...Like most men

    You all know exactly what I'm talking about. You're out with the girls, maybe had a few drinks, see a hot guy across the room, you make eye contact, they make their way towards you, and BAM, you're instantly wishing they would have stayed on other side of the room. Well, this is how I feel about this mani, lol. Since I loved my other feather mani so much, I discovered a site that had small super fun feathers for sale. I got a few packs, and even some colored dried leaves that I shall try soon. Well this is how the mani started. I used 3 coats of Hard Candy Sky. I wish the bright blue shimmer, that you can see in the bottle in the 2nd pic, was more visible on the nail :(

    Here is 1 of the packs I got. I ordered them from Each pack I got had a different amount of feathers in there. This one had 3, and my pink one had like 6.

    and just so you can get an idea of the size

    This was after I cut the feather down to my nail size

    This time, I applied the feather in the opposite direction, just to see. I wanted the light blue to poke out through my tips. I first brushed on a layer of Elmers Glue, then pressed the feather on top.

    This was after it had mostly dried, and I trimmed the tips with clippers. The hard thing about feathers, is all the individual feathers are attached to the center stem, and once you cut them across, they are of course no longer attached :( so as I began placing, and trying to center the feather, it does split some, and the glue makes them stick in clumps, but it makes for a pretty cool effect on my tips.

    Here is the final mani, with 2 coats of SV over top, to make it super shiny

    Now from afar
    See...I told you!!! lol.

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