The Shredded Mani.....

    So after my previous post about how many designs I could do using only 2 colors, and scotch tape, a fellow NB'er, suggested a zig zag design. Well, let's be honest, I'm pretty lazy, lol. So I came up with this design, It's my interpretation of zig zags, lol. My hubby called it the Shredded Mani, lol.

    Here is how I cut my tape. Before I cut it, I taped it to my palm a few times. I had already had my base color polished on, but didn't get a pic. It was China Glaze Light as Air.

    Then I taped it to my nail, and I polished over it, with Sally Hansen Plum Luck.

    After I removed the tape, this is what I had, and I LOVED it!

    I just repeated the steps for the rest of the nails, and here they all are together! After each nail though, I did cut a new piece of tape. There was a little bleeding, but it was my first attempt at this design, but NEVER AGAIN! lol

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