A new franken!! Love & Beauty gets a makeover!

    I was sitting at my desk at work, and I looked in my drawer to grab my black polish. What did I see.....this really pretty green polish that I got from Forever 21. and had never tried yet. I completely forgot that I had brought it in a while ago, to swatch!! So I did......and OMG, it was awful!!! It was sooo sheer that it looked like mucus, and would have needed about 6 coats to even get close to the bottle color. No thanks!! Well as I was about to throw it out, cause I couldn't even bare to pass it on to anyone, that would just be mean, I decided to add black! Now the bottle was full, and I added 2 drops of black, and shook like mad. That wasn't dark enough for me, and the bottle was already full, so I dumped out about 1/5 of it, and then added about 4-5 more drops of black, and this is what I got. Now since the original polish was sooooooooo thin, it still took 3 coats to get it to this, but the end result was WAY better. I seriously love this green! I just wish I had a pic of what the original color looked like :(

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