Why my husband rocks!!!

    Just a quick post, to show you all what I walked into last night after work. As I walk through the door, I'm greeted by my 2 dogs, Rolo, a Chihuahua, that currently resembles a tick, teeny tiny head, but fatty body, lol, and Gramps, our newly adopted 16 year old mix. Then a few more steps in I see my husband, with a very big satisfied grin on his face. With him you never know. Well as I put my purse down, I see a white blob out of the corner of my eye. Well...................this is what it was
    My ever so sweet hubby, "built" me a polish rack!!!!! LOLOLOL, out of Styrofoam, and even placed a few in there, so I would get the effect. All I could do was smile, and shake my head.

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