OMG, thank you all...500 followers!!!

    Okay, I am honestly soooo giddy right now. I cannot believe I actually hit 500 followers on here! To be honest, I never thought anyone would really ever be interested in seeing my manis, when there are sooooo many amazing women/bloggers out there all ready. I really am thankful to you all, and LOVE reading your comments and emails. You guys are simply awesome. Oh and just to prove how excited I am, and excited I was to see everyone that I enjoyed my blog, I am showing you some actual screen prints of the texts I would send my husband, lol. As you can see, even when I hit 6 followers, I was thrilled. The very last text image, is from this morning, and he called me to say Congrats. You guys are the BEST!!!! I really hope you keep enjoying my blog, and would LOVE to hear any ideas you may have. I have had a few requests to do youtube videos, and I'm still considering it. I just have to get over my nerves, lol. I also wanted to say thanks to all my fellow bloggers, who helped get myself and my blog out there.

    So here are the screen prints from my phone. I deleted most messages in between my blog updates to him, lol, just so you all could see you all really did, and still do make my day.

    (This pic will enlarge if you click on it, to make it easier to see)

    Thanks again to everyone!!!!

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