A night home with the cutest Hubby EVER!

    I had to share this with you guys! Only you would really appreciate it.
    So a few weeks ago on a Friday night, my hubby was feeling creative, lol. We didn't have much planned, but he knew I would be doing a mani, and wanted to join in on the fun. Now, please trust me when I say, that this was all his idea and doing. I wouldn't have been to shocked if he had been drinking, but he hadn't yet!!!! He came to me with an idea he had.....He had an idea of a mani that he wanted me to do, but he was going to try it out first. So he wandered over to 1 of my containers, and started looking for colors. He ended up finding the 2 colors he needed, and got to work.

    Oh and sorry for the crap pics, but I only had my cell handy and NEEDED these pics, lol.
    Here he is looking for his colors :)

    Here he is polishing ever so delicately, lol. I was DYING at this point. He was really into it.

    Gotta dry them, HAHAHAHAHAHA

    I wasn't allowed to see his final creation till he was done. I must say, I'm impressed. When I told him I wanted a picture, he INSISTED on holding the polish in the pic, like I do!!! Anyways, here was his design.

    What is it you ask.................Well, he showed me this pic, and said it was his inspiration!! How cute is that!!!!


    Thank goodness he is sooooo supportive of my hobby :)

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