2010 Milani Gems Swatches....

    Okay, so while I was at CVS, I saw that they were in the process of putting these out, so I gladly helped the SA with the unpacking, lol. Well I just learned I didn't grab the red one?!?!?!? Guess I'm going back. These are all sooo pretty, and I can say that it's the 1st collection in a loooong time, that I LOVE them all!!!

    Here are the 6, out of 7, that I have

    Silver Dazzle

    Blue Flash (I'm not sure why my camera INSISTED on my hands being a very un-pretty shade of red, but the polish color is accurate)

    Purple Gleam

    Gold Glitz

    Gems, which is a Lippman Happy Birthday dupe!!!

    Gold, I LOVE these big hex glitters!! This was 2 THICK coats.

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