Feather Fun!! With a cute kittie!

    So last week on MUA I saw a post about these cute kitty polishes and immediately ordered 2. I couldn't resist the kitty tops. I ordered them from periperaus.com. Oh and they shipped the same day!!! They are said to be perfumed, but I only smelled a little soap like aroma, which like Jack pointed out was better than polish, lol. The lids are silver, the lighting made it look gold. This one is Sea foam P027.

    Also, I wanted to say thank you to Krissy, who is the sweetest thing ever!! She contacted me letting me know that not only did she find me a Revlon Whimsical, she hid it in the store for me!! So Saturday afternoon Jack and I went to go get it. It was like a little scavenger hunt, lol. So thank you girlie, sooooo much!!

    Here I did 2 coats and a coat of SV.

    See the blue!?!?!?! It really only came out when I tilted my nails directly under the light. Now I don't know if it would show more in sunlight though.

    Then since its been forever, I did an accent nail with a feather.

    Oh but wait, I wanted the mani to match better so I removed the P027 and used China Glaze Ingrid. Then another coat of SV. Maybe I didn't need an umpteenth coat of SV, because you can kind of see some teeny air bubbles, lol, but only up close. I got carried away with the shininess, lol

    To see how I did the feather and where the original inspiration came from, click here :)

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