China Glaze Magnetix 2012 Swatches

    Okay, so I LOVE magnetic polishes. I just think the whole concept amazes me, lol. So when I found the China Glaze Magnetix set, I grabbed it! Now please excuse some of these swatches, I was soooo tired and had a busy night.

    When I got home from work last night, I couldn't wait to open my package and start playing. So after I get it opened, and start taking out my new pretties, I see that the ones in the boxes were OLD China Glaze polishes that I already owned. I was instantly soooo mad, lol. Well, until i saw the look on Jacks face. He got me, and good! Since he gets home first, and he knew I was waiting for these, he carefully opened the package, and removed the Magnetix polishes and replaced them and even re-bubble wrapped with some of my own older polishes!!! Not funny, but I do give him credit, and I should have known, since he has done this before.

    Okay, well after that I had to start getting my girl ready for a trip she was taking with some other family members, my mom came over for a Minnie Mouse pedi, a bff of mine was over to rummage through my clothes and try to find something to borrow, and then a friend of my daughters came over to play and say her goodbyes. My house was crazy, and  by the time everyone was gone, I only had an hour to rush and get these for you guys.

    I only did 3 fingers, because there are only 3 designs that come on the magnet, which I totally forgot to get a pic of, sorry, but you can google it :)

    Now for application, I applied 1 coat to each nail and let that dry. Then I applied a 2nd coat to 1 nail, and immediately placed the magnet over top. I held it there for about 15 sec, and moved onto the next. I waited about 10 minutes for each design to set and then applied SV over them. I did have an issue with smacking the magnet on my wet nail, quit a bit, but I think it's because I was soooo tired. Oh and I need to practise the start design, lol.

    Anyways, here they are :)

    You Move Me

    Attraction - As you can see, I had a little issue getting the star to show up properly, or to my liking.


    Pull Me Close - This blue contrast was by far my fave, and decided to do my entire mani in this last night with the diagonal design.

    Drawn To You - This was my least favorite to work with. Other than the diagonal lines, I had a hard time getting the other 2 designs to appear

    Instant Chemistry - again, I had trouble with the star design. 

    Cling On

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