My Go-To Mani...What's yours?

    Hey you guys : ) I wanted to share with you guys, the polish that I ALWAYS reach for when I have like no time to do a mani. Well last night I had to do this. I came home from work, nekkid, hee hee, and Jack, Chloe and I had to run out to get some dinner and ice cream, so I quickly threw this on. I LOVE this, it matches everything, always gets compliments, only 1 coat and dries UBER fast. So what is it.......China Glaze Millenium!

    I did this entire mani in under 5 minutes, and left the house as soon as I finished, and grabbed  my purse. No dings and/or scratches. Now, I know it won't last long, since I didn't do a top coat, but as I know, and so do you, I will remove it in the morning, lol.

    So do you guys have a certain polish that you always reach for when you're in a hurry? What is it?

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