A Bubbly Bombshell and my new fave base!

    Morning!!! I have such a beauty to show you, and I TOTALLY meant to do something fun with it, but my days have just gone so fast, and I'm pretty sure I"m somehow losing a few hours lately. I saw this at Ulta this past weekend, just sitting on an end cap, and of course it's pretty sparkles drew me in. Oh and the name, hee hee, is so fun. It's Orly Bubbly Bombshell, and btw, it is NOT a top coat eater, so whew! I also had to share my new base coat, well it's technically a ridge filler, but I'm using it for a base, and it rocks! I love that it it a semi milky base, so it's also kind of like underwear for your polish :) My neighbor used it as her base as well, and freaking loves it. Now I change mine often, but she doesn't as much, and she didn't get any chips for close to 4 days! I'll show you it after these pics.

    Okay, here it is, it's Essie Fill The Gap. I got mine off of Apothica.

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