Umm...Not how I pictured in my head

    Okay, so not all my ideas are great, lol. If only you guys could see in my head, the way this was supposed to turn out! Anyways, this is the idea that I didn't finish on my previous post, because I thought with the glitter it would have been too much. Well I just don't like it with the butterfly. Oh well.  For this I used Sinful's Black on Black and Confetti Debutante.

    Once again, I started with my black

    Then this is how I cut my tape. I didn't want perfectly straight lines, so I did this.




    with all my nails taped, polished then a coat of SV on. 




    now this is the wheel of butterfly fimos that I ordered off of eBay
    and finally with a cute butterfly. I am just not feeling the look of this, and had it pictured different in my head. 

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