Gold & Navy.............

    Good morning everyone! If you missed my post last night, please make sure to read it.
    Okay as you can see I decided to keep my watermark semi small, and hopefully not to annoying :) Some pics have 2, only because they were already ready to be posted, but only the middle one will be there after this post.

    Anyways, I wanted to use some gold glitter, and had to reach for my China Glaze Medallion. It is by far my fave gold glitter in the world, and very hard to capture it's beauty on camera. Since I have also been on a semi matte kick, I decided to use my Claire's Matte Cobalt polish. I also just love navy and gold together :)

    I started with 2 coats of Cobalt Blue

    Then using tape, taped off half of my nail, and added Medallion

    I then added a top coat to remove the roughness and so I don't remove layers of skin, since I tend to be accident prone.


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